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Modeling of a High Voltage Ignition Coil with Nonlinear Magnetic Behavior


Autor(en): Klaus Stadlbauer, Georg Meyer, Florian Poltschak und Wolfgang Amrhein
Jahr: 2015
Buchtitel: EUROCAST2015, 15th International Conference on Computer Aided Systems Theory, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain, February 8-13, 2015 Vortrag am 09.02.2015 auf Tagung referiert / Publikation im Tagungsband referiert
Seite(n): 8
Datei / URL: http://eurocast2015.fulp.ulpgc.es/
Zusammenfassung: Ignition systems are wide spread in common life and industry. Cars for example are part of everybody’s daily life, gas motors are common in industry. The heart of the system, the prt which both have in common, the premise for the functionality, is the ignition of the fuel with a spark. Problems occur when the fuel is not ignited correctly. Misfire and more exhaustion than necessary result from sparks which are to small in power for proper ignition. Sparks can be be blown out like a candle in wind and therefore don’t ignite the fuel at all. A multi-exciting system not only improves the power of the spark, it can even prolong the duration to assure proper ignition and therefore combustion. To cope with industry demands like the design of components or improving efficiency the system is described in a mathematical model comprising the non linear behavior of the ignition coil. Optimization of parts like the ignition coil for higher efficiency is the next logical step.

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