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Design and Simulation of a Double-Stator Linear Induction Machine With Short Squirrel-Cage Mover


Autor(en): David Rafetseder, Walter Bauer, Florian Poltschak und Wolfgang Amrhein
Jahr: 2015
Buchtitel: ICMLSLD 2015, 17th International Conference on Magnetically Levitated Systems and Linear Drives, Bangkok, Thailand, Dec 17 - 18, 2015
Seite(n): 6
Zusammenfassung: A flat double-stator linear induction machine (DSLIM) with short squirrel-cage mover is designed for high thrust force at moderate speed < 5 m/s. The performance and motor parameters are determined on the basis of a 2D time-transient simulation with the finite element (FE) software Maxwell 2015. Design guidelines and transformation rules for space vector theory of the LIM are presented. Resulting thrust calculated by flux and current vectors is compared with the FE results showing good coherence and reduced noise. The parameters of the equivalent circuit model are obtained.

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