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Design and Optimization of a Lightweight Single Phase Linear Actuator


Autor(en): Florian Poltschak und Jörg Kobleder
Jahr: 2015
Buchtitel: LDIA 2015, 10th International Symposium on Linear Drives for Industry Applications, Aachen, Germany, July 27 - 29, 2015
Seite(n): 4
Zusammenfassung: Lightweight linear direct drives have the potential to extend the application range of linear electromagnetic actuators. This paper presents a single phase direct drive used for a positioning task in a mobile device and is thus optimized for a minimum weight. Prospective actuator topologies are investigated in detail, optimized and compared against each other. Besides a high force-to-mass ratio, the focus lies on a simple and robust mechanical setup. The total weight of linear actuators with high force density can be reduced significantly compared to standard industrial solutions. The paper concludes with measurements of the built prototype.

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