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Cost Effective Bearingless PM Motor with Five Concentrated Coils


Autor(en): Siegfried Silber, Gernot Trauner, Wolfgang Amrhein und Klaus Nenninger
Journal: 6th International Symposium on Magnetic Suspension Technology, 6th ISMST, Turin, Italy
Jahr: 2001
Monat: Oktober
Zusammenfassung: In this paper a novel design of a cost effective and high performance permanent magnet bearingless motor is presented. The low cost mechanical design of the motor can be obtained through a symmetrical arrangement of five concentrated coils. Owing to this mechanical design cogging torque becomes very low. Furthermore, bearingless operation can even be guaranteed when the coils are star-connected, thus a simple power converter featuring five half bridges may be employed. Another major advantage of the proposed motor design is that it offers improved fault tolerant operation. In the case of a single failure (coil failure or failure of one power amplifier channel) bearingless operation may still be guaranteed even without the need of changing the control algorithm.

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