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Integrated Rotor Spinning Drive System


Autor(en): Siegfried Silber, Jiri Sloupensky, Milan Moravec, Martin Reisinger und Wolfgang Amrhein
Journal: Mechatronics 2012, The 13th Mechatronics Forum, September 17 - 19, 2012, Linz, Austria
Jahr: 2012
Seite(n): 150-155
Datei / URL: http://www.mechatronics2012.com/
Zusammenfassung: This paper presents a novel drive and frictionless suspension system for a rotor spinning unit which opens the field for further textile technology development, possibly leading to higher productivity, less trash deposit and reduced power consumption. In contrast to conventional rotor spinning machines individually driven rotors are open on both sides allowing advanced arrangement of related spinning components. To achieve a very high lifetime the rotor is suspended by active magnetic bearing. Outstanding energy efficiency can be achieved by the frictionless suspension of the rotor and by a slotless electronically commutated permanent magnet motor in conjunction with an optimized frequency inverter.

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