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Performance Optimization of a Bearingless Pump using Feedback Linearization Techniques


Autor(en): Siegfried Silber, Wolfgang Amrhein, Klaus Nenninger, Gernot Trauner, Martin Reisinger, Reto Schöb und Natale Barletta
Journal: 8th International Symposium on Magnetic Bearings, (ISMB 2002), Mito, Japan
Jahr: 2002
Monat: Jänner
Zusammenfassung: The reliability as well as the lifetime of rotating fluid pumps which have to fulfil very high requirements on chemical resistance and purity may be improved considerably when all rotating parts are suspended magnetically with a bearingless slice motor with PM excitation featuring only four concentrated coils is employed. In this paper a nonlinear controller design is presented which improves the performance of the bearingless pump substantially. By means of a nonlinear state transformation and a static state feedback control law the nonlinear mathematical model of the bearingsless motor can be transformed into a linear and time-invariant one. Moreover, the resulting linear model may then be split into independent systems for force and torque generation. Accordingly, independent controllers for the rotor position as well as rotational speed can be implemented.

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