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Bearingless Single-Phase Motor with Concentrated Full Pitch Windings in Exterior Rotor Design


Autor(en): Siegfried Silber und Wolfgang Amrhein
Journal: 6th International Symposium on Magnetic Bearings (ISMB), Paul E. Allaire, David L. Trumper (Eds.), Cambridge
Jahr: 1998
Monat: August
Zusammenfassung: Active magnetic bearings as well as bearingless motors are more and more introduced into different fields of industrial applications. For many potential industrial applications, however, they are still too expensive. This paper presents a new concept of a bearingless single-phase motor that leads to a considerable reduction in mechanical and electronic expenditure. This can be accomplished by integrating additional carrying windings into the stator design of a single-phase motor and by using concentrated full pitch windings instead of distributed windings. This type of bearingless motor can be used in any application where there is no demand for a high starting torque.

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