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Speed and torque control of switched reluctance motors


Autor(en): Johannes Schmid, Markus Kaiserseder, Wolfgang Amrhein, A. Schumacher und Gerhard Knecht
Journal: Power Electronics, Machines and Drives, 2004. (PEMD 2004). Second International Conference on (Conf. Publ. No. 498)
Jahr: 2004
Monat: März
Band: 1
Seite(n): 98 - 103
ISSN: 0537-9989
Zusammenfassung: This paper shows two methods of controlling rotational speed and torque of switched reluctance motors. Both methods are based on feedback linearization. The first shows feedback linearization for rotational speed of the drive and the second shows feedback linearization for the generated torque using a modified state space model of the drive. With the modified state space model the generated torque of the drive can be represented by a first order transfer function. Simulation results with help of MATLAB/SIMULINK will be shown in the paper.

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