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Reduction of Torque Ripple in a Switched Reluctance Drive by Current Shaping


Autor(en): Markus Kaiserseder, Johannes Schmid, Wolfgang Amrhein, Andreas Schumacher und Gerhard Knecht
Journal: Proceedings Symposium on Power Electronics Electrical Drives Automation & Motion (Speedam), Ravello, Italy
Jahr: 2002
Monat: Juni
Zusammenfassung: A torque ripple minimization technique for switched reluctance drives is shown in this paper. The presented method is based on conventional torque sharing function methods. Precalculated and optimized current shapes are applied to reduce torque ripple. In the commutation region the presented optimization criteria are the reduction of power losses due to stator resistance and the minimization of the gradient in the radial force. The optimization criteria for this region can be chosen freely. Therefore it is possible to take positive affect to other motor characteristics like power losses or acoustic noise. Also saturation effects are taken into account. The presented optimization method causes independent turn on and turn off angles for current conduction at different torque levels. Only a current controller is used to impress torque. For implementation, a DSPACE signal processor board is used.

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