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Speed Dependent Acoustic Noise Cancellation of Switched Reluctance Motors


Autor(en): Markus Kaiserseder, Johannes Schmid, Wolfgang Amrhein, Axel Schumacher, Günter Kastinger und Volker Scheef
Journal: Speedam, Capri/Italy
Jahr: 2004
Monat: Juni
Zusammenfassung: A noise cancelation technique for switched reluctance drives is shown in this paper. The presented method is based on conventional current shaping techniques and works without an exact knowlede of the mechanical model of the housing. Only the relationship between the mechanical vibration and the exciting radial force is used to reduce acoustic noise. A mechanical model of the housing is built up in frequency domain to confirm this assumption. Current shapes are precalculated by genetic optimization algorithms with a best fit to a default multicriterial fitness function. The optimization critera can be chosen freely, so it is possible to positively affect the acoustic noise characteristics as well as other motor characteristics like the generated torque ripple.

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