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Bearingless Segment Motor With Five Stator Elements - Design and Optimization


Autor(en): Wolfgang Gruber, Wolfgang Amrhein und Michael Haslmayr
Journal: International Conference on Electrical Machines and Systems, 20. - 23. 11. 06, Nagasaki, Japan
Jahr: 2006
Monat: November
Zusammenfassung: Bearingless motors and active magnetic bearings work completely contact- and wearless. With these properties, hermetically sealed and wearless rotating systems for various applications can be designed. It is possible to stabilize three degrees of freedom by reluctance forces, when a permanent magnet excited rotor disc is used. A subtype of this constructional design called bearingless slice motor is the bearingless segment motor. This paper comprises the design process of a bearingless segment motor with five equal stator elements and concentrated windings. Finite element simulations are applied to maximize the bearing forces and the motor torque per ampere and minimize the reluctance forces. However, the mathematical model of the system is nonlinear, so an appropriate nonlinear control scheme has to be applied to put the system into operation. The introduction of a prototype together with first measurements completes the paper.

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