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Nonlinear Feedback Control of a Five Axes Active Magnetic Bearing


Autor(en): Herbert Grabner, Martin Reisinger, Siegfried Silber, Wolfgang Amrhein, Redemann Christian und Peter Jenckel
Journal: International Review of Automatic Control (I.RE.A.CO.), ISSN 1974-6059
Jahr: 2011
Band: Vol. 4
Ausgabe: 6
Seite(n): 949 - 954
Zusammenfassung: The demands on active magnetic bearings concerning performance as well as costs are high. The proposed five axes active magnetic bearing has a compact design and runs with simplified power electronics. Owing to the nonlinearity of the plant, the use of linear control design methods alone is not suitable for achieving a high operation performance. This paper introduces a novel combined radial and axial position control algorithm. Experimental results demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed approach.

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