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Comprehensive Cost Optimization Study of High-Efficiency Brushless Synchronous Machines


Autor(en): Gerd Bramerdorfer, Siegfried Silber, Günther Weidenholzer und Wolfgang Amrhein
Journal: IEMDC 2013, 9th IEEE International Electric Machines and Drives Conference
Jahr: 2013
Monat: Mai
Seite(n): 6
Zusammenfassung: Due to the increasing significance of energy saving, multiple regulations have been introduced by countries or international organizations regarding the efficiency of electric drives, e.g. the IEC160034-30 [1]. In the past, many companies replaced induction machines (IMs) by permanet magnet excited synchronous machines (PMSMs). This lead to a considerable increase of the efficiency, but due to the fluctuating price of the permanent magnets, especially of Neodymium-Iron-Boron(NdFeB)-magnets, the cost of PMSMs is hardly predictable. Therefore, many manufacturers are investigating in synchronous reluctance machines (SyncRM) now. In this article, the motor design for standardized rated power Prate = 3kW and nominal synchronous speed of nrate = 1500rpm is taken into consideration. Different motor topologies are analyzed regarding the trade-off between efficiency and material costs, including PMSMs and SyncRMs. This is done for two different cost scenarios. Finally, the cheapest designs that fulfill the IE-2 and IE-3 requirements, respectively, can be determined.

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