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Measurement and Modelling of Iron Losses


Autor(en): Bernhard Bauer, Dietmar Andessner, Ralf Kobler und Wolfgang Amrhein
Journal: EPNC 2012, Symposium on Electromagnetic Phenomena in Nonlinear Circuits, June 26 -29 2012, Pula, Kroatien
Jahr: 2012
Monat: Juni
Seite(n): 2
Zusammenfassung: In finite element simulations and the design of magnetic circuits, iron losses play an important role. For the purpose of getting accurate experimental data from soft magnetic materials, a measuring system was built up that uses model based control for controlling the flux waveform in a ring sample. A simple hysteresis model, depending only on data which can easily be acquired, is presented in this paper. Additionally suggestions are made on how to improve the prediction of iron losses at the design stage.

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