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Reduction of Cogging Torque in Claw Pole Machines using Soft Magnetic Composites


Autor(en): Sebastian Außerwöger, Dietmar Andessner, Ralf Kobler, Josef Passenbrunner und Wolfgang Amrhein
Journal: IREE, International Review of Electrical Engineering
Jahr: 2013
Seite(n): 7
Verlag: Copyright © 2005-2013 Praise Worthy Prize
Zusammenfassung: The use of soft magnetic composites (SMC) allows the design of complex motor geometries while maintaining low manufacturing costs. Typical applications for SMC are electric machines with three-dimensional flux paths. The claw pole machine (CPM) is a typical representative of this group of machines and features high power density and a simple winding design, hence making these motors very interesting for the automotive industry. Unfortunately, CPMs are prone to significant cogging torque due to the construction constraints they bring along. In this paper, the cogging torque of an existing claw pole machine is analyzed, using 3D finite element (FE) simulation. Especially the influences of manufacturing tolerances are investigated. Further, a new rotor design with reduced cogging torque using embedded magnets is introduced. Finally, the measurement results of a CPM-prototype featuring the new rotor design are presented and compared to the results of the 3D-FE simulation.

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