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Fundamental Wave Analysis of the Switched Permanent Magnet Reluctance Machine


Autor(en): Dietmar Andessner, Wolfgang Gruber und Wolfgang Amrhein
Journal: 20th International Symposium on Power Electronics, Electrical Drives, Automation and Motion (SPEEDAM2010)
Jahr: 2010
Seite(n): 6
Zusammenfassung: In this paper the driving principle of a special permanent magnet excited synchronous machine, in the following called the switched permanent magnet reluctance machine (SPM), is discussed. The SPM is a promising variant of the brushless DC (BLDC) machine concerning design and robustness. The mechanical construction is similar to the switched reluctance motor (SRM), whereas the driving characteristics relate to the BLDC machine. The linear relation between torque and current results from the fact that the SPM uses permanent magnetic (PM) energy and is leading to a strong affiliation to the BLDC. Due to the fact that the fundamental frequency of the SPMs inductances differs from that of the BLDCs a fundamental wave calculation of the torque has been achieved and was analyzed in this paper.

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