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Design Guidelines for the Optimization of a Switched Permanent Magnet Motor


Autor(en): Dietmar Andessner, Wolfgang Amrhein, Michael Huber und Gerald Jungmayr
Journal: 17th International Conference on Electrical Machines, 2006. ICEM, 2006.
Jahr: 2006
Seite(n): 6
Zusammenfassung: The major design guidelines concerning a brushless DC motor with permanent magnets (PM) in the stator are presented. In the following this type of motor will be referred to as switched permanent magnet motor (SPM) [1]. The mechanical construction is similar to that of a switched reluctance motor (SRM) [1], [3], [4] whereas the characteristics relate to the brushless DC motor [2]. The SPM shows huge potential because of its high power density, its robustness and its low cost production process. To benefit from those advantages, the boundary conditions of the design layout have to be researched. Therefore, several design layouts are analyzed and two of them finally were chosen for assembly.

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