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Modeling of a Switched Permanent Magnet Reluctance Machine


Autor(en): Dietmar Andessner und Wolfgang Amrhein
Journal: The 2006 Intl. Conference on Electrical Machines & Systems, 2006. ICEMS, 2006.
Jahr: 2006
Seite(n): 6
Zusammenfassung: A complete electro-mechanic model is a very helpful tool to research fields like the driving algorithms or the power optimization of the switched permanent magnet reluctance machine (SPM). The SPM is a new promising motor concept and has its advantages in the robustness, the higher efficiency and power density in comparison with the switched reluctance machine. In that way the performance is comparable with BLDC motors. In this paper the layout of the electrical and the torque model is shown. The electrical model was designed by implementing the voltage equations including self and mutual inductances of the machine. To implement the transformation from the electrical to the mechanical side the principle of the magnetic co-energy is used. The intention is to deduce a model to displace the hardware from the advance development. Especially in new fields of research like the SPM no traditional tools can be used.

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