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Developments on Bearingless Drive Technology


Autor(en): Wolfgang Amrhein, Siegfried Silber, Klaus Nenninger, Gernot Trauner und Martin Reisinger
Journal: 8th International Symposium on Magnetic Bearings, (ISMB 2002), Mito, Japan
Jahr: 2002
Monat: August
Zusammenfassung: Meanwhile the bearingless motor technology offers a lot of mechanical and electrical design variants for various kinds of applications. A comparison of switched reluctance motor, asynchronous motor and permanent magnet motor technology shows advantages and disadvantages with regard to different technical requirements. Expecially for small motor applications with large air gaps the permanent magnet motor is of great importance. This is confirmed by a comparison of electromagnetic and permanent-magnetic pole designs. Based on bearingless permanent magnet motors with integrated winding systems for levitation as well as torque generation reliability and fault-tolerant design studies are carried out. It is shown that with an appropriate motor design a failure of an arbitrary phase can be compensated by the motor itself. In such a case there is no need for failure detection in order to switch over to special auxiliary control algorithms. A further advantage of the integrated winding system is the high grade copper utilization independent of the ratio of radial force and torque loads.

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