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Advanced Design of Electro-magnetic Actuators


Autor(en): Wolfgang Amrhein, Siegfried Silber und Wolfgang Gruber
Journal: 10th International Conference on New Actuators, 14. -16. Juni, Bremen, Deutschland
Jahr: 2006
Datei / URL: http://www.actuator.de/templ_act_en.php?mainnav=4&subnav=3&editor_content=true&menu=proceedings
Zusammenfassung: The availability of rare-earth magnets at low expense, in particular plastic-bonded or sintered Nd-Fe-B magnets, allows new possibilities in the design of electro-magnetic actuators. Some examples are presented in the paper, which use the permanent magnetic fluxes for the increase of the power density and the reduction of electric power consumption. The potential of improvement of classical designs by permanent magnetic modifications is shown by means of several examples: a magnetic bearing, a switched reluctance motor, a bearingless segment motor and a bearingless synchronous motor, which is mechatronically integrated in a long-life centrifugal pump.

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