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Bearingless Single-Phase Brushless DC - Motor


Autor(en): Wolfgang Amrhein und Siegfried Silber
Journal: Symposium on Power Electronics Electrical Drives Advanced Machines Power Quality (Speedam), Sorrento, Italy
Jahr: 1998
Monat: Juni
Zusammenfassung: A new development of a bearingless single-phase brushless DC permanent magnet motor is presented. A two-phase winding system is integrated into the stator design of the motor offering the opportunity to generate lateral carrying forces for bearingless operation. With the exception of the additional sensoric for rotor position measuring the presented magnetic bearing/motor system is comparable to a three-phase brushless AC permanent magnet motor in mechanical and electronical expenditure. Possible application fields are fluid pumps, vacuum pumps, fans or blowers with special requirements on speed range, lifetime, cleanness (chemical or medicine industry) or tightness.

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