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Magnetic Levitation Systems for Cost Sensitive Applications - Some Design Aspects


Autor(en): Wolfgang Amrhein, Wolfgang Gruber, Walter Bauer und Martin Reisinger
Journal: IEEE Transactions on Industry Applications Print ISSN: 0093 9994 Online ISSN: 1939 9367 Digital Object Identifier: 10.1109/TIA.2016.2561905 IEEE Author-Submitted, Peer-Reviewed and Accepted Manuscript , Vol. PP, Issue 99, Nummer , 5-2016
Jahr: 2016
Ausgabe: 99
Seite(n): 1-14
DOI: 10.1109/TIA.2016.2561905
Zusammenfassung: Alongside technical performance features, low system costs are the highest priority in the field of low-power electric drives. This makes adoption of magnetic bearing technologies difficult in applications with higher production volumes. Since published literature on cost-saving measures in this field is scarce, we present in this paper some ideas and stimuli using three selected examples: (i) a highly integrated hybrid bearing that provides active stabilization in three degrees of freedom (dof), (ii) a brushless permanent magnet motor with additional axial bearing capability, and (iii) a bearingless flux-switching motor. We describe their particular designs and operational features, and compare the additional mechanical and electrical costs of these and similar systems to those of standard motor technologies. This paper concludes with a stability analysis of example (ii), since it features passive permanent magnetic bearings, which are inherently only weakly attenuated.

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